BHM Tokens will be available for sale once fully licensed under the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA in Q2-2019.

Yes. You can buy BHM Tokens by sending Ethereum or Bitcoin directly from your exchange account such as Binance or Bitfinex. Please do not send money from an exchange to the BHM Token smart contract address.

The price at BHM-STO launch will start at US$0.09 (although prices may increase during the token sale.

You can use any ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Ethereum Wallet, Mist, Eidoo, Parity, imToken, Trust and Cipher (all ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallets).

Blue Hill Mining are already in contact with top crypto exchanges and will seek listing on the tzero Binance, Bittrex and BitBTC exchange and will evaluate other exchanges The BHM tokens will be listed on an exchange in Q4-2019.

Yes, the BHM tokens are limited. There are a total of 700 million BHM tokens which represents 30% ownership of Blue Hill Mining project. Additional minting is prohibited.

BHM token holders will benefit from direct dividend from the profits generated by the Blue Hill Mining project that will be used to buy additional mining exploration project(s) similar to Blue Hill Mining and the balance of the profits will be used as indirect dividends to repurchase BHM tokens until 70% of all BHM tokens are burn and removed from circulation.

Yes, 70% of BHM tokens will be burnt using the profits generated from the sale of raw materials to buy BHM tokens and the repurchased BHM tokens will be burned.

The intention is for BHM to be fully licensed under the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA in Q2-2019.

Tokens holders who purchase 55,000 USDT (equivalent) or more worth of BHM tokens will be personally invited to join us and come to see the Blue Hill Mine. The invitation consists of 7 days in total, which will be 2 days at the Blue Sky Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, logistics to and from the Blue Hill Mining project located in the Bayankhongor province, which is a memorable and unique experience traveling through 750km of Mongolian country side (airline tickets not included).

Although BHM is a long term investment token that will continue to gain value over time, the short term increases will be considerable as the largest gains of the tokens are expected to be greatest at the early stages which will be at the commencement of the additional drilling program that will start in Q3-2019, confirming the volumes of Gold, Copper Nickel and Cobalt within the target area Blue Hill Mining project to international standards. The longer-term gains will be supported by further geological investigations outside the target area (the remaining 90% of the Blue Hill Mining area which covers a vast area of 134km2) discovering additional resource volumes including Tungsten, Yttrium and Ytterbium already identified, followed by a feasibility study and International audit reflecting on its true market value.

Yes, BHM tokens are linked to all future exploration mining projects that Blue Hill Mining will acquire using the reserve fund and part of the operational profit. This means that BHM will be linked to multiple Mining exploration projects providing an additional long-term benefit for the BHM token holders.

Blue Hill Mining is a Blockchain platform that focuses on tracking, logistics, financial services, supply chain management and smart contracts for the entire mining industry to certificated ethically sourced raw materials service, showing where the raw materials was mined, how it was transported. This is done by a built-in chip that can be scanned and downloaded onto the Blockchain including verification of weight and movement in real time at any point of the journey. Blue Hill Mining platform connects mine companies, smelters, logistic companies, banks and multinational companies that allows to make direct bids cut out middlemen’s margins bring more transparency to the mining industry.

As Blue Hill Foundation already is the co-owner of Blue Hill Mining and has exchanged BHM tokens for the ownership of Blue Hill Mining therefore there is no soft cap, the hard cap of Blue Hill Mining is US$38,070,000.

Blue Hill Foundation acts as a buffer as it is the main investor into the Blue Hill Mining therefore any unsold tokens are exchanged for the balance of the ownership of Blue Hill Mining project.

Although BHM tokens do not share the properties of paper securities. The 700 million BHM tokens are equal to 30% ownership in the Blue Hill Mine with a trustee controlled by one of the top rated Swiss law firms protecting the interests of the BHM token holders by Q2-2019, making BHM one of the most secured tokens. Meaning that each BHM token represents part ownership of Blue Hill Mine. The Mine ownership, sales and international audits of Blue Hill Mining will be registered on the Blockchain. This will allow for transparent information exchange that is accessible and trust-free for all BHM token holders (this information will be sent to all BHM token holders).

Blue Hill Foundation is a Dutch Stichting (Foundation) that has purchased 24% of the Blue Hill Mine on the 03/08/2017. The sole purpose of Blue Hill Foundation is to hold the ownership of Blue Hill Mine without other business activity or any assets apart from Blue Hill Mining project. Blue Hill Foundation is owned by private equity partners.

In order for a Multinational Company to buy certified fair-trade ethically sourced cobalt at a lower-than-market cost it would need to buy a certain amount of BHM tokens from the exchange, then use the BHM tokens to lock-up the order on the Blue Hill Mining platform. Multinational companies will have 2 choices, to buy raw materials from the general market with non-certified fair trade sources for full market value or buy ethically sourced raw materials from Blue Hill Mining at a lower-than-market cost Although the raw materials will be paid in FIAT currency, the BHM tokens will be used to be able to trace the ethically sources raw materials using the Blockchain technology. The amount of discount on the raw materials (that will be outlined on the platform) will be subject to the amount of BHM tokens used on the platform. For every transaction 10% of the BHM tokens will then be burned and 90% of the BHM tokens will go back into the market.

At token sale the BHM tokens can be purchased at 0.09USDT (equivalent) and BHM tokens holders are able to exit by freely trading their BHM tokens 5 times the price offered at token sale for US$0.45 once listed on the exchange in Q4-2019. Dividends from profits generated from the Blue Hill Mining platform and the sale of the raw materials will go towards “buy back plan” to buy BHM tokens until 70% of all the tokens are burnt.

The goal is to achieve US$30 per BHM token and then exit, therefore from Q3 – 2022 onwards Blue Hill Mining projects will be valuated every quarter by one of the top 4 auditing companies PWC, KPMG, EY or Deloitte known as the “Big Four Accounting Firms” to perform an Initial Public Offering/Reverse Takeover (IPO/RTO) listing on the Toronto stock exchange as soon as the underlying value of the Blue Hill Mining projects is valued equivalent to or greater than US$30 per BHM token (US$21Bn for 30% ownership of Blue Hill Mining). The Blue Hill Mining advisors Royal HaskoningDHV and Golder Associations are specialists to support the documents needed such as National Instrument 43-101 (national instrument for the Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects within Canada) for the listing, meaning that all BHM tokens will be repurchased for the equivalent value raised from the IPO/RTO (equal to or greater than US$30 per BHM token) and all BHM tokens will be removed from circulation (burning) all the BHM tokens.